Ambar + Robb // St. Louis Wedding Photography // Faust Park, Missouri

Oh my word. Where do I start? This wedding has been one for the record books, Ambar & Robb tied the knot on an unbelievably beautiful Missouri day at Faust Park in Saint Louis and we were so honored to be there to capture such a special wedding! These two are so full of life on their own, but add in their 6 kids (yep, that’s right – and all gorgeous, what are the odds?) and it becomes quite the memorable day! One of my favorite parts about capturing this little slice of life for the Dilallos is getting to see how this amazing family works together. This day was more than just two people coming together, it was about all 8 of them becoming a family. So, to Ambar, Robb, Justin, Julia, Allison, Alyssa, Anna, and Ava … Congratulations!

Just a few snapshots from a beautiful morning: Robb finishing his vows (on the back of a donut napkin!;)and little Anna snoozing away, oblivious to the excitement and anticipation going on in the rest of the house!

This next series of 3 is so, so sweet – everyone was up for a little bit of makeup!

… before we knew it, it was time to get ready! Usually I don’t get shots of the bridal party getting dressed, but I mean … come on, how adorable are these two?!

Julia helping her Mom with the final touches!  So in love with these shoes!

Allison helping her dad get prepped … make sure that tie is straight!;)

Even though she tried to run from the camera, I managed to sneak this beautiful moment of Ambar’s aunt brimming with pride as the oldest, Justin got ready!

The littlest girls, Ava and Anna were so caught up in the fanciness of it all, as they kept talking about princesses fairy tales … and I have a pretty good idea just who they thought was a princess on this day;)

Julia and Allison were girls after my own heart … their shoes hurt – so they decided it’s much better to enjoy a walk in the squishy grass instead, right?

This beautiful bride, Ambar is also a photographer and owns Scofield Creative and it was so precious to see her when little Anna excitedly shared she had taken a photo! Oh my goodness. Your heart should be melting by now.

I couldn’t get over how much the youngest, Ava looked like her mom! Such beautiful ladies!!

This has to be one of THE cutest bridal parties I’ve ever seen and they had be laughing all day long; as my sweet hubby/second shooter and I  worked hard to wrangle all the girls together for a shot, I heard a little voice pipe up and yell “Happy Worry Day!” instead of “wedding day” … seriously, best wedding day quote to EVER.

There’s that handsome face! Robb, his friend Greg, and Justin also had their time to shine!

With a few last minute hugs and well wishes, the ceremony was about to begin!

I think it’s safe to say Alyssa was excited …

After the beautiful ceremony and group shots, Shawn and I got these two all to ourselves to shoot … I was in photographer heaven.

These next two shots could not be any cuter … since Faust Park is open to the public, we had some very excited visitors come for a visit! I’m pretty sure that when the first shot was taken I was yelling “puppies!!!” and jumping up and down.

These two are so perfect for one another!

After the portraits we all headed back to their home for a sweet, laid back family-centered reception… oh yes, and who could forget the Princess Leia and Hans Solo Lego cake toppers?

Finally, after all was said and done … Ambar and Robb sat down at their kitchen table and made it official. That’s right, they updated their Facebook account. For these two tech-lovers, it was the perfect ending to a perfect day.:)

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Ambar Dilallo

I’m reading thru the blog and you have me in tears woman. You are in my heart for years to come. I feel completely blessed to have you and Shawn with us as our families merged into one. Perfection.

Esther Rosario Benko

AMAZING! you are so talented!

Teri Abercrombie

Beautiful Pictures – can’t wait to see the rest!

Linda Detmers Bersch

Excellent photos and beautiul writing. You captured a perfect day as Robb and Ambar start their lives as one family. (wiping tears of joy).

Miriam Adkins

Lovely pictures. Looking forward to seeing the rest of them.

Debbie Howver

Congratulations to Ambar and Robb! Looks like their day was absolutely beautiful! So happy for them and you!

Tom Dilallo

Beautiful Pic’s! :)

Michael Miriam Andersen

Loved, loved the pictures.. what an awesome way to capture so many beautiful memories.. when the every day life gets tough come back here and take time to remember, recconnect and this will give you all the energy and whatever you need to get you through whatever… God Bless your new family.

Miriam Adkins

I can’t wait to see the pictures of us dressing Alyssa and Allison.

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