The Dilallo Family: St. Louis Family Photography

I’m sure you remember the beautiful wedding between Ambar and Robb in St. Louis, it was filled with pops of yellow, laughter and lots of children.:)This crew was such a joy to be around! Following the wedding day, we all met up bright and early to get in a portrait session with all of the Dilallo family.

Julia and I spent some time in the backyard as she showed me the amazing apple tree they had in their backyard! Everyone was captivated with all of the apples that had fallen (including the squirrels). It was so cute to see Robb and his girls finding some of the good apples!

After everyone was ready, we all headed across the street to a gorgeous spot that was just screaming for family photos!

After everyone managed to wiggle and giggle their way into catching some family portraits, I loved catching the little slices of life for these parents and their sweet brood. All of the little touches, and hugs and screams of excitement – it was something to behold!

You have to experience this crew to really appreciate how ridiculously fun they are to just watch. I don’t know how many times I found myself laughing right along with them as we worked to pull together five little girls and one teenage boy (who had already been dismissed at this point – to preserve his sanity!). While they may frame the sweet smiling faces, this shot really looks like a family photo to me! I love it!!:)

After the little ones had their fill of photos, we went along with Ambar and Robb to downtown St. Louis to capture some of the sights in what makes this town so special!

… and you can’t go to St. Louis and not get a photo in front of that gorgeous arch! Even if we were shooting straight into the sun! LOL! I loved how their shadows fell on the ground in front of them!

After making our way past the arch, we quickly made it to Busch Stadium! Ambar and Robb had a full weekend of wedding festivities, they had plans for a family baseball game to cheer on the Cardinals the next day!

Finally, no post is complete of the Dilallos without a snapshot of these tech-lovers in action!!!:)



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Ambar Dilallo

Perry pure perfection once again! These mean more to me than you can even imagine. Thank you and Shawn for spending the weekend with our family. Same place next year ;) .

Joe-Julie Fulghum Falcomata

Wow! Great pics my friend.

Larry-Kimberly Gingrich

Very nice!!!!!

Teri Abercrombie

Hey, When did you guys do these? They are terrific! I want a copy of all of you to hang up.

Perry Ann Adams

We shot these the morning after the wedding!! :)

Robb Dilallo

Be patient, Teri. You’ll get your photos soon enough. ;)

Teri Abercrombie

Perry/Shawn can you send me a nice large one of the family in the tree. Love that your part of the family to do these!